Some types of fruit are widely exported to China

Vietnamese fruits have long been famous for their fresh, unique and nutritious flavors. In recent years, Vietnam’s fruit export market has witnessed a remarkable progress, in which exports to China have occupied an important position. Below are the official fruits exported from Vietnam to China, creating excitement in the agricultural and trade sectors of both countries.


Vietnamese pineapple has become a symbol of quality and deliciousness. Pineapple exports to China have increased significantly in recent years. Vietnamese pineapple has a naturally sweet flavor and soft, smooth flesh, which has truly won the trust of Chinese consumers.


Durian is one of Vietnam’s specialty fruits. With its sweet, fatty taste, Vietnamese durian has attracted the attention of the Chinese market. Developments in processing and preservation have made it possible for durian to be exported efficiently and with guaranteed quality.

Siamese coconut

Vietnamese Siamese coconut with its sweet coconut juice and soft flesh is also popular in China. Siamese coconut has become an important part of Vietnam’s export agricultural economy.


Rambutan is a summer fruit commonly found in Northern Vietnam. With its sweet taste and unique aroma, Vietnamese rambutan has defeated many competitors to win the favor of the Chinese market.


Mangosteen, with its cool sweetness and delicious crunch, is also a fruit that is significantly exported to China. Mangosteen has demonstrated strong competitiveness in this market.

Thus, exporting fruit from Vietnam to China not only brings economic benefits but also demonstrates the harmony of culture and flavor. This has promoted the development of the agricultural industry and created a brand image for Vietnamese fruits in the international market.

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