Our services focus on preliminary processing and packaging of agricultural products and promoting investment and production cooperation in Vietnam. We are not only provide quality products, but also serve as a reliable bridge between the supply source and the international consumer market.

With professionalism and dedication, we ensure each product meets standards and is safe.

At the same time, we are always looking for agricultural raw materials at competitive prices

Durian: Growing, packing, and exporting 

Durian, known as the “King Fruit”, is one of Vietnam’s potential agricultural export products. The planting and care of durian in this country has achieved significant success, thanks to the development of key varieties such as Ri6, Monthon, and especially the Ri6 variety, which is popular with the climate and soil. typical flavor of Vietnam.

Chili: Growing, packing and exporting

Chili, a spicy spice, not only makes dishes interesting but is also a symbol of diversity and appeal in cuisine. Vietnam, with its diverse terrain and favorable climate, has become one of the leading countries in producing and exporting chili.

Green lemons (seedless): Packing and exporting 

Vietnam’s seedless green lemons are a valuable resource with many special characteristics and great export potential.

Coffee: Growing and exporting 

Coffee, an important economic resource of Vietnam, is attracting attention with its advantages and high quality, especially from the Central Highlands, which is famous for its great potential in coffee growing. With fertile soil and special climate, coffee grown in provinces such as Dak Lak, Gia Lai, and Lam Dong yields coffee beans of outstanding quality.

Passion Fruit: Growing and packaging 

Guava-flavored yellow passion fruit, also known as golden passion fruit, a new Vietnamese variety that has been self-announced on the website of the Ministry of Agriculture by GUYU Agricultural Technology Company Limited, is attracting attention with unique characteristics and great export potential.

Dried bamboo shoots (planted forests): Packaging

Dried bamboo shoots, a popular agricultural product produced from young bamboo shoots, have many advantages and potential for export.



Rice: Producing and exporting

Rice, an essential food product in life, is emerging as a leading export capacity in the world. With large production capacity and diversity in quality, Vietnamese rice ranks among the top countries in this industry.


Grass duck

Grass ducks, a potential poultry type, are highly appreciated for their series of advantages and remarkable export potential. First, grass duck meat is a rich source of nutrition, with protein, fat and vitamins, but has a lower fat content than other types of poultry meat.