Hoang Thai Import-Export Co., Ltd., we are proud to be a leading reputable unit in the field of agricultural export, specializing in premium fruits and coffee. With extensive knowledge of agriculture and international business, we are committed to providing customers with high quality products and dedicated service.

We are not only an exporter of agricultural products but also a reliable partner in the process of processing and packaging products. By applying modern technology and strict quality control processes, we ensure that each product meets standards and is safe, from the farm to the hands of partners and consumers.

With a wide network of partners around the world, we are proud to be a reliable bridge between the supply and the consumer market. We constantly strive to expand the market and develop a sustainable cooperative relationship, bringing benefits to both sides.

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At Hoang Thai, the staff not only simply works but is also passionate and enjoys every moment of their work. Their enthusiasm is the driving force to constantly improve products and expand export markets.

At the same time, with practical experience and a wide network of partners in the international market, our team is a reliable bridge between the supply and the international consumer market, accompanying customers in every step on the path of exporting agricultural products.